Reliably wiping Intel Macs remotely via Mosyle MDM

I think it’s fair to say that every Mac Admin I know has a nemesis and it’s softwareupdate

Tom Bridge, JumpCloud

Like many Mac Admins, I’ve tried to write my own custom scripts to remotely update or wipe macOS systems. But no matter how clever the scripts are, they almost always fall down at the point where they invariably need to invoke Apple’s built-in softwareupdate command-line utility. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and its unpredictability has led to the development of brilliant third-party alternatives like mist-cli and erase-install.

In this video, I run through how I use Mosyle MDM to remotely deploy and execute erase-install on an Intel Mac (no T2 chip), with the added bonus of demoing erase-install’s recently added support for swiftDialog based notifications and progress indicators.