DaVinci Resolve tip: Using “Offline Reference Clips” with Difference Mode when conforming timelines

One of my favorite tricks when conforming timelines is to place a reference movie of the timeline on the topmost video track, then change it’s Blend Mode to “Difference”. Using this technique, you can quickly tell if the underlying clip is lined up exactly to the reference movie if the Program viewer shows nothing but Black. If they are out of sync, you’ll see the differences between the two clips as bright pixels. Simply slipping the clip left or right until the frame turns black is all it takes to get it back into sync.

DaVinci Resolve has a really neat mechanism for accomplishing the same thing, but without having to overlay the reference movie into the timeline itself! In this video, I explain how to set it up, as well as showing how I use my Elgato Stream Deck in conjunction with this feature.